Neuer Aufsatz von Thomas Schmidt et al.

zur Nutzbarmachung exisitierender CLARIN web services für Transkripte gesprochener Sprache
Abstract: We present an approach to making existing CLARIN web services usable for spoken language transcriptions. Our approach is based on a new TEI-based ISO standard for such transcriptions. We show how existing tool formats can be transformed to this standard, how an encoder/decoder pair for the TCF format enables users to feed this type of data through a WebLicht tool chain, and why and how web services operating directly on the standard format would be useful.
  • Schmidt, Thomas / Hedeland, Hanna / Jettka, Daniel (2017): Conversion and Annotation Web Services for Spoken Language Data in CLARIN. In: Selected papers from the CLARIN Annual Conference 2016, Aix-en-Provence, 26–28 October 2016, CLARIN Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, Borin, Lars (Hg.), Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings, S. 113-130. PDF