Methods of Corpus Analysis and Corpus Classification

Conceptual Development of the COSMAS Platform

In the nineteen eighties, the first in-house corpus research system called REFER was developed by Tobias Brückner at the IDS and has been deployed very successfully in our institute.

In 1991, Cyril Belica started to formulate new premises, principles and approaches for empirically anchoring corpus-based linguistic investigations at the IDS. The solution strategies worked out in the project COSMAS I were implemented in the corpus research and analysis system of the same name (COSMAS I), and have been used in a separate project, COSMAS II, since 1994. Since the end of 1995, the technical realisation of the existing COSMAS (programme) concept has been conducted under alternating leadership in different departments. Currently, the department Central Data Processing Services is responsible for the programming and research activities of COSMAS II.

The area of responsibility for the strategic perpetuation of the COSMAS concept has been passed over to the project Methods of Corpus Analysis and Corpus Classification, after the COSMAS I project ended in March 2003. The currently dormant work in this area will be reactivated after the completion of the planned COSMAS II functionality.

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