Project "Multimodal Interaction"

Subproject: "Interactional histories of action ascription and action routines"

The subproject investigates how action formation and ascription rely on knowledge accumulation in interactional histories.

We study

  • how knowledge and routines emerge in interaction,
  • the influence of knowledge and routines on action formation and action ascription, and
  • how knowledge accumulation in interaction can be methodically demonstrated.

Two settings are examined in which processes of knowledge accumulation can be tracked in a controlled manner:

  1. Psychodynmic focal therapies: changes in the production and use of common ground over the course of the therapy concerning central themes and problems of the patient;
  2. Theater rehearsals: the change of instructional formats, the emergence and negotiation of forms of expression specific to the ensemble, and the emergence of creativity.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Axel Schmidt, Dr. Arnulf Deppermann, deppermann(at),