Project "Multimodal Interaction"

Subproject: "Action formation and action ascription"

On the basis of specific action classes (requests/instructions, trouble reports, requests for confirmation) the subproject asks,

  • how verbal and nonverbal practices are coordinated in action formation and action ascription,
  • how participants’ displays matter to action ascription, both for participants themselves and for analysts,
  • how non-linguistic and non-sequential resources are important for action ascription (e.g. knowledge, type of activity or institutional routines),
  • how extent inferences enter into action ascription,
  • how linguistic forms of German (e.g. certain sentence types, particles or modal verbs) inform action formation and action ascription.

In addition, the subproject aims to contribute to the development basic concepts of the theory of social action (practice, social action format, (joint) project, action ascription, activity).

Contact: Prof. Dr. Arnulf Deppermann, deppermann(at); Dr. Alexandra Gubina, gubina(at)