Corpora of Written Language

Mannheimer Morgen (mmm)

This corpus contains an extraordinary large number of newspaper articles, which have been acquired in electronic form from the publishing company of the daily newspaper  Mannheimer Morgen (without advertisement section). The complete text material has been fully automatically edited at the IDS. It is characteristic for such so-called monitor corpora, that their composition changes over time, because, in this case, more recent newspaper articles are added on a regular basis. Until 1997, missing volumes and larger deviations in the number of texts and word forms from year to year are due to the fact, that only those newspaper articles were acquired, which had been available as fully automatically processed data at the beginning of the data acquisition via modem (beginning of 1995) on the one hand. On the other hand, the change of the publisher`s computer system in 1997 caused further gaps in the inventory. Apart from that, the inventory is generously made available also for external users. The newspaper editions of the Mannheimer Morgen are contained completely in the corpora since 1998. Please keep in mind, that the date listed in the bibliography is the date of the newspaper issue, for which the particular article had been scheduled. Actually, this particular article could have been published in a different issue, that is, at a different publication date.


number of articles

number of current word forms (ca.)

M89       1989 45626 10.29 million
M91       1991 12755 2.78 million
M94       1994 12485 2.46 million
M95       1995 34946 6.42 million
M96       1996 19988 3.56 million
M97       1997 6633 1.64 million
M98       1998 78651 19.30 million
M99       1999 64885 14.36 million
M00       2000 68925 18.92 million
M01       2001 83980 23.49 million
M02       2002 86664 24.31 million
M03       2003 88052 25.35 million
M04       2004 94867 26.85 million
M05       2005 99351 27.14 million
M06       2006 92624 25.18 million
M07       2007 42516 12.14 million
mmm    total 932948 244.20 million