Corpora of Written Language

GRIMM-Corpus (gri)

  • Ryukoku University, Kyoto / Japan (Research Institute for Social Science; Prof. Junko Nakayama, Yoshihisa Yamada)
  • 585 legends, 201 children`s and household tales, 10 children`s legends; about 0.5 million current word forms
Time frame:
  • beginning of 19th century
  • Kinder- und Hausmärchen,
  • die Deutschen Sagen,
  • zehn Kinderlegenden, collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (in contemporary orthography)
  • The GRIMM corpus is based on the commercial version 'GRIMM-Database' (© 1995 IKUBUNDO PUBLISHING CO.; LTD., Tokyo) and is available by courtesy of the publisher.