Corpora of Written Language

Die Wende” Corpus (wk)
“Die Wende” Corpus/West (wkb; Federal Republic of Germany)

“Die Wende” Corpus/East (wkd; German Democratic Republic)

  • within the framework of the project “All-German Corpus Initiative”, developed both at the IDS and the Zentralinstitut für Sprachwissenschaft, which previously belonged to the Academy of Sciences of the GDR
  • 3 387 texts; about 3.3 million current word forms
Time frame:
  • mid 1989 until the end of 1990
  • articles from newspapers and magazines of the former GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany,
  • flyers, leaflets,
  • sessions of the Volkskammer, put into writing (GDR),
  • Bundestag protocols (BRD),
  • speeches, declarations, programmes etc., that recorded the extraordinary changes happening in the GDR, which in autumn of 1989 lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall (“Die Wende”) and resulted in the German reunification in 1990.
Miscellaneous: Research based on the “Die Wende” corpus: