Interactions between Linguistic and Bioinformatic Procedures, Methods and Algorithms

Modelling and Presentation of Variance in Language and Genomes

The project “Interaction Between Linguistic and Bioinformatic Procedures, Methods and Algorithms” deals with the exploration of parallels between linguistic and biological, molecular genetic processes.

It is a collaborative project between the Trier Center for Digital Humanities (University of Trier), the Theodor-Boveri-Institute for Biosciences / Bioinformatics (University of Würzburg), the Competence Center of Computational Philology (University of Würzburg) and the Institute for the German Language (IDS) in Mannheim.

The project is managed by the Trier Center for Digital Humanities in Trier.

While the Trier Center for Digital Humanities is developing methods for acquiring and discovering diachronic and diatopic variance of German, the main research area of the University of Würzburg not only consists of analysing biological information, but also of informatic data modelling. Here the IDS acts as the interface of these ventures by developing a basic lemma list for present-day German.

Starting with this basic lemma list, the diachronic and diatopic linguistic variances on New High German meta lemmata (possibly also artificial pseudo lemmata) are shown, which in turn build a starting point for the comparison of biology and language.

Here the basic lemma list of New High German is intended to be an extension (redesigned and reorganised) of the information contained in<link kl/projekte/methoden/derewo.html> DEREWO</link>, the word lists of the<link kl/projekte/dereko_I/>  German Reference Corpus (DEREKO)</link>.

Many of the issues associated with such a quantitative collection of linguistic structures have already been catalogued.

In a further step these issues must be considered, and solutions regarding necessary decisions must be developed and examined.

Member of Staff:

Cyril Belica (IDS in-house head of project, partial)
Rainer Perkuhn (research assistant, partial)   
Heike Stadler (research assistant)           
Benjamin Kraft (student assistant)

For further information on the project, please visit the project coordinator’s website.           

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