COSMAS I (Project completed March 2003)

Corpus Search, Management and Analysis System

Project Management:<link lexik personal belica.html> <link lexik personal belica.html>Cyril Belica The COSMAS I project pursued the idea of fostering a methodologically sound (in terms of reliability, validity and generability) approach in corpus-based linguistic explorations. Since 1991 (until 1993 in collaboration with Makrolog GmbH, Wiesbaden), a number of <link kl projekte cosmas_i gesamtkonzept.html>fundamental corpus linguistic assumptions and underlying principles have been incorporated in a software system of the same name: COSMAS I - the Corpus Search, Management and Analysis System. In 1993, a follow-up project proposal has been worked out and was incorporated into an international collaborative project. Thanks to external funding provided by the EU-project MECOLB (MLAP93-21), the implementation of the extended COSMAS concept was started under the name of COSMAS II in 1994. A first prototype of COSMAS II has been installed at the Institut for Erhvervsforskning in Kolding, Denmark, and at LOGOS, a company in Mt. Arlington, N.J. in the US in mid-1995. The COSMAS I software system has been in use well beyond the release of COSMAS II in March 2003. The COSMAS I research project ended on March 7, 2003. After that, two projects took over specific tasks as follows:
  • <link kl projekte methoden>Methods of Corpus Analysis and Corpus Mining pursues the basic research in corpus linguistics
  • Implementation tasks and the corpus research service are carried out by COSMAS II

Fig.: Milestones of the COSMAS Projects
  • COSMAS-I-Review
  • <link kl projekte cosmas_i gesamtkonzept.html>The corpus linguistic overall concept of the COSMAS platform: premises, principles, approaches and solution strategies
  • <link kl projekte cosmas_i stat.html>COSMAS I user statistics
  • Main features of COSMAS I (version R.2.9-1):
    • <link kl projekte cosmas_i virtuellekorpora.html>Virtual corpus composition
    • <link kl projekte cosmas_i suchanfragen.html>Queries  (general explanations)<link kl projekte cosmas_i lemmatisierung.html>
    • <link kl projekte cosmas_i lemmatisierung.html>Lemmatization programme
    • <link digspra kl projekte cosmas_i annotationen>Morphosyntactic annotations
    • <link kl projekte cosmas_i praesentation.html>Presentation of results
    • <link kl projekte cosmas_i>Sorting options
    • <link kl projekte methoden ka.html>Collocation analysis and collocation clustering
    • <link digspra kl projekte cosmas_i chrono>Chronological sorting of research results
    • <link kl projekte cosmas_i menues.html>Menus at a glance
    • <link kl projekte cosmas_i menues.html><link digspra kl projekte cosmas_i bildschirm>Screen views
    • <link digspra kl projekte cosmas_i bildschirm>User Manual for COSMAS I full version