Sprachvergleich korpustechnologisch. Deutsch - Rumänisch

The DRuKoLA project that is centered around the German Reference Corpus DeReKo  and the Reference Corpus of Contemporary Romanian Language CoRoLa has started in January 2016 and is a cooperation between the University of Bucharest, the Institute for the German Language, and research institutes of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest and Iaşi. DRuKoLa is a transdisciplinary project involving corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, applied linguistics and cross-linguistic studies, applied computer science, corpus architecture and finally also research infrastructure development. Within this broad range of areas, DRuKoLA’s concrete research objectives are:

  1. Construction, provision and harmonization of comparable corpora in the two languages.
  2. Development of criteria for building comparable virtual sub-corpora based on DeReKo and CoRoLa, the German and, respectively, the Romanian corpus, based on metadata and possible other text properties.
  3. Exploration of language-specific peculiarities of the studied languages and equivalences with respect to different parameters and structures.
  4. Corpus-based comparative trial studies on a) markers of modality: haben/a avea with zu-infinitives and supine and b) (abstract) demonstratives in German and Romanian, c) general investigation of distributional semantic and syntagmatic properties of translation candidates.
  5. Development of corpus technology to share the corpus, technical and research results in a common Corpus Analysis platform.
  6. Building a structure that can serve as a crystallization point for other national or reference corpora with the longterm goal of building a federated, at least European, reference corpus where each corpus is still physically located at and curated by its responsible institute, but can be dynamically extracted to different comparable corpora.

DRuKoLA is funded by the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation as a Research Group Linkage Programme between the University of Bucharest and the Institute for the German Language in Mannheim, with the Institute for Artificial Intelligence Mihai Drăgănescu (RACAI, Bucharest) and the Institute of Computer Science (IIT, Iaşi) of the Romanian Academy as associated partners. The acronym combines central goals of the project: corpus development and contrastive linguistic analysis (Sprachvergleich korpustechnologisch. Deutsch - Rumänisch).


DRuKoLA-Kickoff-Workshop: Corpus Architecture, Corpus Building and Corpus Linguistics. April 11-15, 2016 in Bucharest. Programme.

Workshop: Corpus Harmonization and Language ComparisonResearch Group Linkage Programme of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation 2016-2018: DRuKoLA